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Santa’s Parade of Lights, Oshawa, reserves the right to limit or exclude any entry.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

You MUST enter the marshalling area off Stevenson Road at King Street

Marshalling starts at 3 p.m.

During the Parade:

  1. Dance troupes of all kinds must have routines that are continuous. No stopping. Any entry that causes the parade to gap or stop will not be permitted in future parades.

  2. PARTICIPANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THROW ANYTHING ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE.  If any entry does throw things from the float, Parade Marshalls have the authority to pull the entry from the parade on the spot. 

  3. NO handbills, business cards, flyers, or coupon distribution along the parade route.

  4. All entries must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.  Marchers must walk behind the entry away from the wheels – NOT BESIDE THE WHEELS OR IN FRONT OF THE TRUCK.  All participants must be dressed in parade theme attire.  NO open flames are allowed.

  5. Each entry is responsible for its own material and services.

  6. Participants are not permitted to stop moving forward during the parade once it is underway.  Marchers must be aware that stopping or slowing down to perform along the parade route seriously affects the spacing and consistency of the parade.  Any marchers causing the parade to stop will be taken out immediately!  Vehicles must proceed at a safe pace between other vehicles unless otherwise advised.

  7. Only holiday-themed music may be performed/played by entrants, bands, on floats.

  8. Parade route and marshalling instructions will follow after approval of registration.

General Instructions for Float Preparation

  1. There shall be only ONE SANTA CLAUS, and they will ride on the (official) Oshawa Santa’s Parade of Lights float.

  2. All entries must be decorated to parade standards – this is a night parade – lights are required.

  3. The parade description section of the application should describe, in detail, your entry.  This will be used primarily by the television commentators.

  4. If the float is self-propelled, the minimum length will be ten (10) feet.  If a truck or tractor draws the float, the cab must be decorated.  Entries should be no higher than 12 feet.

  5. All vehicles and floats shall be inspected for SAFETY and DECORATION prior to entry into the Marshalling area.  If the entry does not meet safety standards, participation in the parade will be denied.

  6. Each unit must provide its own insurance coverage and agrees, by participating, to hold the Santa’s Parade of Lights, Oshawa, Parade Committee, Parade Volunteers, and the Corporation of the City of Oshawa free of liability for any accident or injury caused by or involving a unit and its vehicles or people.

  7. If your entry has more than two vehicles, an additional applicable fee may be charged for each additional vehicle.

Construction of the float

  1. All entries must be decorated with lighted materials.

  2. There shall be NO open flames.

  3. Floats must be safe.  There will be no sharp edges or protruding nails.

  4. Railings or handlebars must be provided for all riders who are standing.  All children must be sitting and be strapped into their seat.  There will be no exception.

  5. Flatbeds must have decorative skirts covering the sides, to the axle height.

  6. All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license and be licensed to drive the vehicles they are operating.

  7. All drivers are to remain with their floats in the marshaling area as they may be required to move them at a moment’s notice.

  8. Fire Extinguishers (ABC 10 lb. capacity minimum), safety chain and safety hitch chain are required on applicable floats.

  9. Towing vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and be properly serviced.

  10. Any animals must be parade broken and proof of cleanup crew must be provided prior to the parade.

  11. In the event of an emergency, the driver and all personnel on the floats must be able to get off the floats immediately.

  12. The driver must have clear vision ahead and to the sides.

  13. Generator and/or vehicle exhaust pipes must extend beyond the decorations. Santa Parade Committee members will be attending at your float the safety of your float.

  14. All powered equipment shall be CSA/UL approved and in good working condition.

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